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4 Things to Know Before Adopting a Newborn Posts

As adoptive parents, the staff at Everlasting Adoptions is a great resource when it comes to what to expect during your infant adoption journey. Every couple who embarks on the adoption process has a unique experience. Some people adopt in a few months while other adoptions take a year or more. Some couples may have an adoption process that was smooth sailing throughout while another experienced some bumps in the road. No matter how your adoption journey pans out, here are five things you should know before adopting a newborn.

Ask Every Question You Have

Just like we were taught in grammar school, Everlasting Adoptions believes there is no such thing as a “stupid” question. Every question you have deserves an answer, and you should never leave a question unattended to no matter how minuscule it seems. Never be afraid to ask a question – experienced adoption professionals at Everlasting Adoptions understand how difficult it is to sort through all of the adoption information and are here to help you.

It’s Difficult – but Rewarding

With ups and downs along the way, adopting a newborn can be a stressful and difficult process. But throughout it all, remember the end goal – to have your baby in your arms and safe at home. There may be days when you want to cry or bury your head in frustration, but there will also be days where you are overwhelmed with joy and excitement. Adopting a newborn is meant to be a joyous experience that brings light and happiness to your life – don’t let the things that are beyond your control get the best of you. Your adoption will work on its own timetable and will fall into place accordingly.

It May Take Awhile

There is no such thing as a typical adoption, and the time it takes to complete a successful newborn adoption will be different for every adoptive family. Just because one family adopted in just a few short months, doesn’t mean your adoption will be as quick. Aside from being patient, the best advice Everlasting Adoptions can give is to be proactive. Complete the home study sooner rather than later, complete any paperwork in a timely fashion, and stay on top of adoption agencies, social workers, attorneys and financial officers.

You Will Need Support

Many adoptive parents find that support from family, friends or adoptive parent support groups help them tremendously throughout the adoption process. It’s always nice to be able to chat with people who are in the same boat as you, or to have that special friend or family member who is with you until the end. You know what’s even better? Having a solid support group will make it all the more exciting when you have a group to celebrate the arrival of your baby with. Having a safe place to share your fears, excitement and happiness with will make the adoption process a healthier place to be.

Every adoption is different, and as adoptive parents you cannot fully understand that until you are in the adoption process. At Everlasting Adoptions, we believe that every child deserves an everlasting family, and absolutely cannot wait to assist you during your adoption journey. Should you have any questions about adopting a newborn, do not hesitate to contact us. After all, we are available 24/7!