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10 Reasons Adoptive Parents Choose Everlasting Adoptions Posts

1. Broad Exposure:

Our national marketing gives our adoptive families extensive exposure and and shorter wait times.

2. National Services:

We are a licensed adoption facilitator organization that can provide domestic infant adoption services to adoptive families and birthmothers across the country.

3. Personalized Service:

Everlasting Adoptions understands that every birthmother and adoptive parent comes to us with a unique story. Our infant adoption programs are tailored to each individual and couple, to effectively create connections and successful adoptions.

4. Industry Experience:

Combined, our staff of adoption professionals has a wealth of industry experience that the modern birthmother and adoptive parent look for.

5. Personal Experience:

One thing that makes Everlasting Adoptions different from other adoption agencies is our personal connection to adoption. We ARE ALL adoptive mothers here at Everlasting and know personally the pain of infertility and the true miracle of growing a family through infant adoption. For this reason our birthmothers and adoptive parents feel they are able to connect with us on a deeper and more accepting level.

6. Availability:

Throughout the years, we have built an outstanding reputation of being known for our personal, supportive and highly responsive service. Unlike other adoption organizations, the staff at Everlasting Adoptions is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year. We are even available on holidays to make sure your adoption questions, concerns and inquiries are handled promptly.

7. Passion:

When working with Everlasting, birthmothers and adoptive parents quickly recognize our sincere passion for adoption. We believe that every newborn, infant and child has the right to a permanent and stable family and consistently strive to provide just that.

8. Online Marketing Services:

Included in our services is an aggressive and innovative marketing plan. We ensure that adoptive parents are seen by birthmothers by helping them create a show stopping adoption profile that is then showcased on our website. Our unique marketing and advertising campaign results in shorter placement times.

9. Networking Abilities:

Birthmothers come to us from out large advertising programs that include the Internet, personal referrals, crisis centers, newspaper ads, attorneys, and networking with other adoption professionals.

10. Professionalism:

While infant adoption is an exciting time for birthmothers and adoptive parents, it is also a very delicate matter. We believe that our knowledge, support and unsurpassed passion for adoption create one outstanding and professional adoption organization.