10 Questions All Birthmothers Should Ask Posts

Choosing adoption for your child is a huge decision. Similar to accepting a job, choosing a school or purchasing a car, there are many questions you will want to ask about adoption. Knowing what questions to ask your adoption coordinator will help you understand the process and ultimately decide if adoption is right for you.

So, what questions should birthmothers ask? Everlasting Adoptions has compiled 10 important adoption questions to get you started.

  • What do I get to decide about the adoption?
  • What are the differences between closed, semi-open and open adoption?
  • Can I choose the adoptive parents?
  • Can I meet the adoptive family?
  • Will my child know about his or her adoption?
  • Can I receive help with medical expenses?
  • Will my child understand my decision?
  • How will I feel after the adoption?
  • Are there birthmother support groups?
  • What if I change my mind and decide to parent?

The top priority of Everlasting Adoptions is educating birthmothers about adoption and guiding them through the process. We’re more than just adoption professionals; we’re an around the clock support group for any birthmother in need. For additional adoption questions (and answers) refer to our Birthmother FAQs page.

Of course, you may contact us any time to with questions, concerns or just to chat. 630-364-8361