Amanda & Josette

Amanda Josette

After 10 months with Everlasting, Amanda and Josette are so excited to welcome home their sweet baby boy, Brock. He has brought complete and utter joy to their lives and they can’t wait to share the world with their sweet baby. Amanda and Josette are so thankful for his birth mother’s selflessness and bravery. Congratulations Amanda and Josette!

Amy & James

Amy James Use

Amy and James are overwhelmed with love for sweet baby girl “C”. She is the answer to their prayers and the fulfillment of their dreams. This sweet baby girl is already so loved by so many. Her birth parents were willing to selflessly provide the best life for their child, and Amy and James will never take their trust for granted.



Precious Jensen Elliot was truly the miracle that Travis was waiting for. After a 19 month adoption journey with many ups and downs, the arrival of Jensen seems even more special. Jensen is such a joy and loved by so many already. Big brother Beckham is excited to finally be a big brother and can’t wait to share all his adventures with Jensen. Travis will always remain thankful for Jensen’s birth mother and her decision to choose adoption. .

Nicole & Darren

Billy Jackson

After 8 months Darren and Nicole have welcomed home and into their hearts their precious baby boy Billy Jackson. Billy’s huge extended family can’t wait to share their love with this sweet baby boy! He is such a blessing and Billy’s birth parents have given them the most precious of gifts and they will be forever grateful. CONGRATULATIONS DARREN AND NICOLE!

Jessica & Parker

BA Page

Elena Rae Nicole is truly a blessing and Jessica and Parker are overwhelmed with love. Ryker, Mavrik and Anastasia are excited to share all of their adventures with their new sister! Jessica and Parker are astounded by their birth mothers bravery and selflessness to provide a better life for her baby.

Miranda & Mike

Brian close up

Mike and Miranda have been blessed with a precious baby boy, Brian, born May 7th. He is so adorable, from the top of his sweet smelling head to the tips of his cute little toes. Brian is such a blessing, Mike and Miranda are overwhelmed with joy! They are so thankful for the love and selflessness of Brian’s birth mother that led her to make this decision for her precious son. CONGRATULATIONS MIKE AND MIRANDA!

Jessica & Parker

Anastasia announcement Jessica Parker

After just 10 months Jessica and Parker are excited to announce the arrival of amazing Anastasia Marie into their hearts and lives. Big brothers Ryker and Mavrik can’t wait to share all their love and adventures with her. The gift they were given can never be repaid, but Anastasia’s birth mom will forever be a part of their lives. Congratulations Jessica and Parker!

Jhon & James

Jhon James v

After just 5 months, Jhon and James are overjoyed to welcome baby Logan into their hearts and home! Born April 21st he is the best baby boy and a blessing to his dads. They are so thankful for the love and selflessness of Logan’s birthmother who made their dream of being parents come true! Congratulations Jhon and James!

Katie & Jason

Baby Feet

After a long adoption journey with many twists and turns, Jason and Katie finally have the baby girl of their dreams, Rylee Ann, born March 4th. This precious baby girl was worth every second of the wait and Jason, Katie and big brother Jake are so happy to be a family of 4. Jason and Katie will always be mindful of what a precious gift they received from Rylee’s birth mother. CONGRATULATIONS JASON AND KATIE!

Bec & Kat

Jones v

Just 7 months after joining Everlasting Adoptions, Bec and Kat have welcomed home sweet Noah Jacob born January 20th. They are overjoyed to be moms, especially to this sweet baby boy. They have built a strong relationship with Noah’s birth mother and will never take for granted the amazing gift of Noah. CONGRATULATIONS BEC and KAT!