Credit Union Loan

Dear Prospective Adoptive Parents,
Here is a potential source for funding your adoption. We have a Credit Union referral for you! Below is the email I received from America’s Christian Credit Union.

Hi Carol,So great to talk with you today and get acquainted with you. It looks like great things are happening at Everlasting Adoptions.

As we discussed, I am the head of our Strategic Partnerships and Marketing areas at America’s Christian Credit Union, located in Glendora, CA. Our Adoption loan program started in January of 2009 and since that time we have served over 300 families and funded over $6.5 million in loans to help bring families together. Please visit our web site at for more information about us.

Looking forward to our future conversations. Do not hesitate to call me if you have questions. Thanks.

Bryan London

P: 800.343.6328 x 5410

Please visit our web site at for more information about us.