Angie & Kelly

Angie Kelly

A big congratulations goes out to Angie and Kelly on the addition of precious Beckett to their family. This little boy was born in September and was long awaited for. He is already deeply loved and is bringing so much light and happiness to their lives. They will always have hearts full of love and thankfulness for his birth mother who gave them the precious gift of Beckett.

Sabrina & Andy

Congratulations to Sabrina and Andrew on the arrival of their adorable baby boy, Oscar Andrew. Born September 29th, weighing in at 8 lbs and 21 “. This handsome boy has stolen the hearts of Sabrina, Andy and his big sister, Ava. They are so thankful to Oscars’s birthparents for the blessing of being parents to this amazing baby boy.

Xchel & Chris


We are so excited to announce the arrival of miracle Amelia! Chris and Xchel were blessed to finally welcome baby Amelia to their family. Amelia was born on January 18th. Chris and Xchel have developed a close relationship with the birth mama and the rest of the birth family, and they plan to visit them in the future. Amelia is settling in wonderfully in her new home and is being showered with love and attention from her new family! Chris and Xchel are forever grateful to Everlasting Adoptions for making their dream come true and are eternally grateful for the miracle of baby Amelia!

David & Brandon

We are so excited to announce the arrival of Huxley Alexander! The 7lbs 8oz, 20 inch baby boy was born on December 14th at 10:21 pm. David and Brandon spent months cultivating a relationship with Huxley’s birth mom. They went from talking almost daily to having lunch and shopping for the baby. They all patiently waited to meet the little man. When Huxley was born, David and Brandon instantly fell in love. They continue to communicate with Huxley’s birth mom and are forever grateful to her and Everlasting Adoptions. We wish you the best!

Andrew & Dalton

andrew dalton thumb

Andrew and Dalton signed on with Everlasting Adoptions in March of 2019. A little more than a year later they were connected with their birth mom and had to navigate how to build a relationship with her in the midst of a global pandemic. On July 29, 2020 their baby boy, Gavin James was born. Congratulations to Andrew and Dalton. We wish you health, happiness and a lifetime of love!

Larry & Tonya

Congratulations to Larry and Tonya who welcomed baby boy, Loren Michael to their family on March 26, 2020. Birth mother, Shaunna reached out to Everlasting Adoptions while in labor! Larry and Tonya were in shock when they got the call and drove 3 hours to meet their son. A stork drop in the midst of a global pandemic is a true miracle and we wish everyone health and happiness in the days and years ahead.

Tina & Donny

Congratulations to Tina, Donny and baby Scarlett! Scarlett Shea Bailey was born on July 17th at 6lbs 11oz and 19.75in. Scarlett was eager to make her grand entrance and was almost born in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. We are so grateful to birth mother, Taylor who trusted in Tina & Donny as parents and created a special and lifelong bond with them before Scarlett’s arrival. Thank you, Tina & Donny, for trusting in us to help build your forever family!

Lindsey & Stephen

unnamed 2

We are thrilled to start Spring with a very special birth announcement. Congratulations to Lindsey, Stephen and big brother, Jacob who welcomed the newest member of their family; baby girl, Emilia! Lindsey and Stephen signed on to work with Everlasting Adoptions for a second time in August of 2017. Eighteen months later, they met their baby girl. Lindsey and Stephen are twice blessed after adopting their son Jacob through Everlasting Adoptions in 2015. We are so happy to be able to help them for a second time!

Kim & Chris


We are thrilled to share a very special New Year’s birth announcement welcoming baby boy, Camden Christopher! After a long journey, Kim and Chris were finally able to meet their son . On December 18, 2018, Camden was born at 8:32 am. 7.4lbs, 18 inches of pure joy. Though Kim and Chris’s adoption journey was long and difficult, the minute they were able to hold Camden in their arms, it was worth every second of the wait. We wish you all a Blessed and Happy New Year and a lifetime to come!

Maurisa & Glenn

Grass 4 v2

Maurisa and Glenn signed on with Everlasting Adoptions in August 2017. On Mother’s Day 2018, birth mother, Kamil told Maurisa she had chosen them to be parents to her child. Maurisa ad Glenn were overjoyed and spent the next five months forming a strong bond with Kamil. On October 18, 2018 baby girl Kayleigha was born and Maurisa and Glenn’s long awaited for dream became a reality. Thank you, Kamil for your selfless act of love. We wish you all a lifetime of love and happiness.