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Susan in Georgia
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Dear Birthmother,

Although we have not met yet, please know what respect and admiration I feel for you. How can I even begin to express my gratitude to the person who may choose to give me the most glorious gift one person can give to another? You are an angel. Your decision to choose adoption shows such bravery, courage and love.

From the deepest place in my heart and my soul...I THANK YOU.

About Me

I come from a large and loving family. With two sisters, three brothers, eight nieces and nephews, I am ready to start a family of my own. I adore children and am over the moon excited about the prospect of becoming a first-time parent!

When I do become a parent, I will be open with your child about how we became a family, share what a beautiful person you are and the loving and courageous choice you made. At the end of each day- when I express gratitude, know I will be sending you love, blessings and thanks for how fortunate I will feel to be parenting such a precious child.

I am a Writer/Creative Director and work across many different mediums in marketing and advertising. I also bought, developed and now manage a group of rental properties. One of my main hobbies is creating handmade greeting cards with upcycled materials. I also enjoy arts and crafts, guitar, hiking, cycling, traveling, cooking, gardening, browsing through vintage shops, yard sales and art festivals. I can't wait to share my love of art and beauty with my child. Most of all, to encourage him or her to discover and nurture their own passions.

My Home

I live in a historic, brick bungalow on a tree-lined street in a beautiful neighborhood filled with families. I have renovated many parts of the house to preserve the old charm, but add modern conveniences. I have a pretty front yard that I fill with herbs and flowers where kids and dogs play. My back yard has tables, a swing and rocking chairs where family can enjoy hanging out while the children play.

People move here becauge the schools are go great. There are parks in all directions from my house. The neighborhood hosts fegtivals, parades, family outings, mugic and movie nights throughout the year. My brother'g street is closed for Halloween so children can safely wander and show off their fabulous costumes. We try to celebrate Halloween together every year.

Since Atlanta is a big metropolitan area, we are lucky to be 10-15 minutes from several children's museums, Fernbank Science Center, the Botanical Gardens, the famed Beltline and hundreds of other outdoor and family oriented cultural events.

My Extended Family

We're a big, lively, love to tell funny stories family. We love, help, support one another and hangout together for birthdays, ballet recitals, soccer matches, baseball games, holidays, etc. With 13 local family members, we also pride ourselves on being the loudest applause at graduations.

My parents were happily married for 43 years until my Dad passed 16 years ago. Both of my brothers live minutes away. I spend a lot of time with my younger nieces and had many art play dates with my older nieces when they were younger. Both of my sisters live out of town, but they return for holidays and are only an email or phone call away.

My Family Traditions

Some of my recent favorite moments and traditions have been with my two youngest nieces. We live 3 minutes away from each other which is wonderful! The girls come over and we do all kinds of fun, creative activities together. This year I started "Doggies & Dinner". Other times we have special sleepovers. They love to watch the shiny geckos and bats come out when it gets dark. When the mood strikes, we'll bust out singing together with my pups on the swing in the backyard.

I feel so fortunate to have a group of close, wise, loving and reliable friends. Not only do we share the great times, but we're also really there for each other during the hard times. We're a very creative crew who love the arts, outdoors and adventure.

What Led Me To Adoption

If you feel a kinship with me, I will feel as if the stars aligned. I will shower your child with unconditional love, laughter, support, experiences and wrap him or her inside an amazing community of family and friends. I grew up laughing around the kitchen table at dinner, surrounded by support, guidance, wisdom and love. I want to share the same experiences with my family. Most of all I will honor you and the sacred trust you have placed in me. No matter what decision you make, I think you are amazing. I will always be sending you love and light and wishing you continued peace, strength and happiness.

Facts About Susan

Creative Director
BJ and MBA
Favorite Food:
Chips and Guacamole
Favorite Hobby:
Anything Where I Am Creating
Favorite Movie:
My Left Foot
Favorite Sport:
Cycling + Watching Gymnastics
Favorite Holiday:
Favorite Music Group:
Too Many to Name!
Favorite TV Show:
Favorite Book:
The Artist's Way
Favorite Subject in School:
Drama + English
Favorite Vacation Spot:
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I adopted our son as a newborn after going through 12 years of infertility. Now, 23 years later, I am director at Everlasting Adoptions. Shortly after adopting our son, I started to feel a calling towards adoption. My career as a Human Resource Manager in Corporate America came to an end, and I entered what I now know is my purpose and passion in life — building families through the miracle of adoption.

Working with birthmothers and adoptive parents throughout the US for over 20 years has allowed me to utilize the skills I have been blessed with to serve others. I come to work every day not as a staff member coming to a job from 9 to 5, but as a person who is extremely dedicated and devoted to helping people like you every single day. I feel very blessed to have found my purpose, and I look forward to helping you with your adoption needs!

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