Sheena In Minnesota

No Preference
No Preference

Dear Birthmother,

My name is Sheena and I'm a first grade teacher in Northern Minnesota. I love this "Minnesota Nice" life, but I am searching for two things to complete my ultimate happiness. First, I am searching for my "Hope Hero" who will make me a mommy and become one of the most respected people I have ever met in my lifetime. You might be thinking, "What does that even mean?" Well, here is the definition. A Hope Hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities. That is YOU! Your courage and difficult decision to place your baby for adoption is something only birth mothers can fully understand. It has to be the most selfless act of pure love a woman can ever display.

The second thing that will complete my ultimate happiness is my little sidekick! I deeply ache to love, spoil, educate and raise a child to be a kind human being to all people. The world needs more kids to grow up having empathy for others. I'm looking for a reading buddy, Sunday morning cartoon snuggler, ice cream stealer, mess maker, gardener, tee-baller, puppy caregiver, present peeker, sleep denier, nose picker (they all do it), the list goes on! I'm ready to begin the lifelong journey that your child's bucket list will take us on.

About Me

Why am I adopting? I have wanted to be a mom for years, but I started my Masters Degree in elementary education and wanted to get bills paid off before becoming a mom. During that time, I was constantly busy getting my degree in the shortest time possible, so I didn’t have much time to meet anyone and build a family. No worries about a dad not being present though! Your child has an excited uncle and grandpa who are ready to be very involved my child's life. My friends’ husbands are also on board for fishing and hunting trips when he/she is older. Girl or boy, they’ll have the opportunity to fish, hunt, drive four-wheelers, build forts and other activities like that.

For the past 14 years, I have been living the dream as a first grade teacher in a rural Minnesota school district. I teach at a school that runs on a 4-day school week. This means I get an extra day to spend with my soon to be son or daughter on Mondays! I also have every holiday off with extra breaks in between and the whole summer off. My favorite thing about teaching is that I get to see kids become confident as they tackle hard tasks and find out that they can do more than they thought they could. My students often tell me, "You should be a mom. You're funny and nice."

I believe in the power of ‘yet’ and living with a growth mindset! I’m a shorty pants, coming in at a whole 5’ 0’’. Being short has taught me two important things in life:

1) Don’t ever let someone tell you you’re not big enough, strong enough or fast enough to do something you want to do. Put your mind to it, work hard and prove them wrong!
2) Don’t ever leave home without a stepstool and wear heels if you’re going to an amusement park with rides!

Laughing is a must in my family, as you can probably tell from the little bit you have read of my profile. I love to laugh with friends and family, while playing cards, board games or just having a good time together. My family is the most important part of my life! We work hard together and we play hard together.

My Home

I live in a quiet neighborhood in Hines, MN. Hines is a tiny town that has a post office and that's about it! My house is 7 minutes away from the school I teach at. Whenever my nephews come over, we go to town and play on the huge playground at school. They also love rolling down the small hill in my backyard. There is a public snowmobile and ATV trail very close to where I live. I often walk down it with my dogs and nephews when we’re on a nature hunt.

My backyard is huge and makes up most of my 3 acres of land. It's the place I spend the most of my time. My backyard borders a farmer's pasture and I get to see baby calves every spring. They even have peacocks that come to visit sometimes! I have 2 garages that store many outdoor games, ATVs, scooters, skateboards and toys for when all my nephews and nieces, or my friend's kids come over.

My Extended Family

My family is full of laughter, love, humor, honesty and trust! On my mom’s side, there are farmers and hard workers. On my dad’s side, there are goofballs and hard workers It’s a great mix for a kid to grow up in. I have 1 older brother, 1 older step-brother and 2 younger step-sisters. I was blessed with a blended family that gets along very well, which led me to having multiple nephews and nieces. Two of my nephews live close to me and are a huge part of my life. I've been babysitting them every summer since they were born.

My mother, Jane is my best friend! She is the backbone of our family. She is known as “Grandma Jane” to every kid that ever comes to her house. My mom is retired, but is never idle. One of her favorite things to do is to grow a garden and then have all of us over to make cream corn, and help with canning other vegetables. She makes everyone smile with the things she says without thinking. We rip on her, but it’s always in good fun and she gives it right back!

My father passed away 8 years ago. At the time, I was only 29 years old. It was a difficult situation to get through, but with a strong family bond and large social network, I made the best of the situation and I carry him with me in my heart everywhere I go. He taught me so many things that make me who I am today. My mom remarried to a very kind man, John two years ago.

My Family Traditions

One special tradition that I really love is opening hunting weekend at the farm. On that weekend, the house will be full with mom, John, Dustin (older brother), Heather (sister-in-law), Kaci (niece-21), Brock (nephew-13) and Allan (nephew-6). We spend the weekend eating chili, sloppy joes, discounted Halloween candy and big breakfasts. Some of us hunt all day, while others stay in and play cards and board games all day long. Everyone stays overnight all weekend and it feels like a weekend getaway.

I also love when we all get together for Easter. Grandma Jane makes a scavenger hunt for all the kids and adults. We all have a basket to find and we all hide one for her. The highlight last year was my youngest nephew helping me sound out the words on his clues. He was so excited to be “reading” with me. There are so many fun holidays and birthday get-togethers with my family. On your birthday, you either choose a restaurant for the whole family to go eat at, or you pick a meal the family will cook and eat together. We truly enjoy just being together!

What Led Me To Adoption

I’ve wanted to adopt a child into my loving and stable home for many years! I’m
finally pursuing my dream because I’ve completed my Master’s Degree program
and am financially sound. Now, I just need to be matched with my HERO
birth mother who will selflessly bless me with my Sunday morning cartoon snuggler, to

Facts About Sheena in Minnesota

1st Grade Teacher
Master's Degree in Education + 5-8 Science Specialty
Favorite Food:
Anything That Involves Pasta!
Favorite Hobby:
Playing Sports + Card Games
Favorite Movie:
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Favorite Sport:
Football (To Watch) + Softball (To Play)
Favorite Holiday:
Favorite Music Group:
Rascal Flatts
Favorite TV Show:
The Good Doctor
Favorite Book:
Number the Stars (Holocaust Survival Story)
Favorite Subject in School:
Reading (To Teach) + Biology (To Learn)
Favorite Vacation Spot: