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Dear Birthmother,

We are Derek and Sam. We can't imagine how difficult this decision must be for you and are grateful you are reading our profile. We have always considered adoption to grow our family and decided to pursue it after some issues with infertility. In fact, adoption isn't new to our family. We have a family member who works in adoption and has two adopted sisters. When we told our families about our decision, they were overjoyed. We are equally excited about growing our family and look forward to having a relationship with you and our future child. Thanks again for considering us!

About Us

We both grew up in Indiana and met in high school. We started dating in 2007 and soon fell in love. We dated throughout our years at college and got married in 2014.

In our free time, we enjoy playing with our dogs and spending time with family and friends. Family and friends are an important part of our lives. We spend most of our time with them doing things like going to breweries and parks with the kids and dogs, having BBQs, attending local festivals and concerts, taking trips to the beach and going camping in the mountains.

One of our other hobbies is traveling. We travel as often as possible and have been to some great places in the US, Canada, China, Europe and the Caribbean Islands. It is always great to have new experiences, learn about different cultures and meet new people.

Our Home

We built our home in 2015. It is a spacious 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath house with a large bonus/playroom, screened in back porch and huge fenced in backyard with woods behind it. Our family-friendly neighborhood has a pool, clubhouse, playground and fishing pond. It is an active neighborhood, so most days you will see people fishing, kids playing and owners out walking their dogs. We also have a beautiful park across the street with several playgrounds, ponds, areas for sports & activities, hiking trails and a children’s nature center.

Our Extended Family

Derek comes from a family of 5 (his parents, two younger brothers and him). He and his brothers have always been very close and grew up playing sports and participating in Boy Scouts. Derek’s parents were both heavily engaged in their sons’ activities and were there every step of the way as they all became Eagle Scouts. One of his brothers is now married and works in distribution. His wife works in adoption. His other brother is starting his new career after graduating from college. Derek’s parents are both still working and visit their sons as often as they can.

Sam comes from a family with 4 kids. Her parents are divorced, but have both been remarried for almost 20 years. She has 2 brothers and 1 sister. Her older brother lives close to us and has a 4 year old and a baby on the way. Her younger brother just graduated from college and is now an officer in the Army training to be a pilot. Her younger sister teaches dance/fitness classes and is working towards her dream to open a studio. Sam’s parents are also still working and visit us regularly.

Sam and Derek both have large extended families that get together every year for holidays.

Our Family Traditions

Our families are Catholic and Christian (Sam’s grandfather is a retired minister of 35+ years), so Christmas is a very important holiday for us. Our tradition is to travel back to Indiana every year, so we can visit both our immediate and extended family. We typically end up having about 5 different Christmas gatherings while we are there. Getting to spend time with everyone is always a blast!

Memorial Day weekend is our other reoccurring trip back to Indiana. We travel back to attend the Indy 500 race with Derek’s family. Derek, his brothers and his dad have been going to the race together for over 20 years, and the wives joined the tradition about 4 years ago. That weekend has quickly become one of the bigger family events of the year. We spend the whole weekend doing race related activities leading up to the main event on Sunday. Derek’s dad is looking forward to the day when he can share this tradition with his grandkids.

Halloween is another family tradition. Growing up, Derek’s family would go all out with costumes and decorations. We inherited this tradition when we moved into our house. Every year we pick a theme, decorate our house and have our family and friends over for a costume party. We then hand out candy to the neighborhood kids. This is one tradition Derek is looking forward to sharing with our kids.

What Led Us To Adoption

Adoption has always been something we considered and we decided to pursue it after having some issues with infertility. Being parents is what is most important to us and we look forward to the day that happens.

Facts About Samantha

Business Initiatives Consultant
BA Political Science, Pursuing MBA
Favorite Food:
Ice Cream
Favorite Hobby:
Favorite Movie:
Top Gun
Favorite Sport:
Favorite Holiday:
Favorite Music Group:
Imagine Dragons
Favorite TV Show:
Favorite Book:
Harry Potter Series
Favorite Subject in School:
Favorite Vacation Spot:
Any Ocean Beach

Facts About Derek

Global Product Manager
BS Mechanical Engineering
Favorite Food:
Favorite Hobby:
Favorite Movie:
Nightmare Before Christmas
Favorite Sport:
Favorite Holiday:
Favorite Music Group:
Favorite TV Show:
Game of Thrones
Favorite Book:
Wheel of Time Series
Favorite Subject in School:
Favorite Vacation Spot:
Banff, Canada
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I adopted our son as a newborn after going through 12 years of infertility. Now, 23 years later, I am director at Everlasting Adoptions. Shortly after adopting our son, I started to feel a calling towards adoption. My career as a Human Resource Manager in Corporate America came to an end, and I entered what I now know is my purpose and passion in life — building families through the miracle of adoption.

Working with birthmothers and adoptive parents throughout the US for over 20 years has allowed me to utilize the skills I have been blessed with to serve others. I come to work every day not as a staff member coming to a job from 9 to 5, but as a person who is extremely dedicated and devoted to helping people like you every single day. I feel very blessed to have found my purpose, and I look forward to helping you with your adoption needs!

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