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Dear Birthmother,

Thank you for your consideration and looking through my profile. This must be an incredibly difficult time for you. My name is Dena and I would be eternally grateful to you if you were to choose me to receive this wonderful gift of life. I have always wanted to be a mother since I was a little girl. I have not been able to conceive a child of my own, but nothing would make me happier than to receive your gift and provide a happy and loving home.

About Me

I am a loving, active, adventurous, empathetic and family geared, single woman. I have a Master's Degree and work as an Operating Room Nurse. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and have lived here my entire life except for the 5 years I lived in Palm Springs where I received my Registered Nurse Associate Degree. When I finished school, I immediately found an Operating Room training program here in Los Angeles. I continued on to receive my Bachelor's and Master's Degrees.

My townhome is roughly 15 blocks away from my father and my sister's family, and about a mile away from the beach. I also have an adorable Mini Goldendoodle puppy that I like to take on adventures.

When I am not working, I like to spend time with my family and friends. I like to travel all over. Some of the places I have been to include the Mediterranean, Alaska, the Caribbean, Hawaii and Ecuador. My favorite place to go is Lake Powell. I really love to travel to places that allow me to see and possibly interact with animals and be around or in the water. I feel most free when I am around the water and I love to swim.

I also enjoy trying new places to eat and new cuisines. I can be somewhat of a foodie. When I have downtime, I also like to read, watch TV/movies, walk, hike and play on the computer. Prior to Covid, I attended the same Methodist Church I have been going to my entire life. My closest friends and biggest supporters are my church friends/family. Every Sunday, we would gather for a potluck style dinner and occasionally take trips together.

I have not had such good luck with the dating world and have never married. A few years ago, I tried to conceive a child on my own, but was not successful. After several failed rounds of IUI and IVF, I concluded that adoption was the right choice. I feel in my heart that I could give a child the chance to have a happy, healthy, stable, and loving home.

My Home

I own a three level, 2 bed and 2.5 bath townhome with a cozy patio for chairs or play equipment. My second bedroom is a large sized nursery with a big window just across the hall from my room and the babies own full sized bathroom with tub. I am centrally located in an amazing family neighborhood. You constantly see friends, families and people with their dogs walking and biking along my street. My neighborhood has so many different ethnicities and the city has many multicultural opportunities.

My home is located 4 blocks away from the best elementary school, 12 blocks from the middle school and 2 blocks away from a community park. The park and city offer many activities for children to participate in. There is a wonderful little library 8 blocks away and I am 2 miles away from the beach. I walk to this beach all the time. The community college with the local pool is also less than a mile away. We are also within driving distance from museums, downtown LA, theme parks and coastal cities of California.

My Extended Family

I am the youngest of two girls born in Santa Monica, CA. My sister is five years older than me and is a married, history/government high school teacher with two daughters. My brother-in-law is in construction. My father is from Wyoming and is a retired police officer, and my mother was a OBGYN nurse originally from Canada. My mother passed away about 5 years ago, at the age of 80, from a 10-year battle with Dementia. I have always had a special love for my two nieces as most people think that they look A LOT like me.

Our immediate family sees each other on an almost daily basis as we live so close to each other. Our dogs even frequently play together. My sister's family and our dad live a block and a half away from each other, while I live less than a mile away from them. We spend all holidays and birthdays together. We even still celebrate my mother's birthday.

Growing up we went camping, on trips to Hawaii and spent time at the family ranch in Wyoming, just to name a few of our family trips. My mother and I went to Europe before she passed. My dad and I have taken cruises together to Europe and Alaska, and a RV trip through the Western States and part of Canada. In the last number of years, we have gone to Yosemite as a family to camp and hike, visit the family ranch in Wyoming and take a train ride to the Grand Canyon.

My Family Traditions

My family spends all holidays together since we live so close to each other. We also spend most holidays with my brother-in-law’s extended family. My brother-in-law’s immediate family has all passed away, but his large, loving extended family has taken us all in since there is 6 of us. I also have family in Canada and Wyoming, but at times when it is hard to travel, we spend most of our holidays with his extended family.

Everyone shares hosting duties. One family may host Mother’s Day and another part of the family may host Easter. The biggest holiday for us is Christmas. Most of the time, I host immediate family and another family at my house for Christmas Eve dinner. On Christmas morning, our immediate family usually spends time at my sister’s house opening presents, then going across the street to the extended family’s house for brunch. In the evening, my sister will host Christmas dinner for immediate family and a couple friends.

What Led Me To Adoption

After several failed rounds of IUI and IVF, I concluded that adoption was the right choice. I feel in my heart that I could give a child the chance to have a happy, healthy, stable, and loving home.

Facts About Dena

Registered Nurse/Operating Room Nurse
Master's Degree Nursing
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True Crime Stories
Favorite Movie:
Shaw Shank Redemption
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Swimming, Tennis & Football
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Law & Order SVU
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Romance Novels
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Science & English
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Lake Powell & The Caribbean