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Amanda & Chris
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Dear Birthmother,

We are Chris and Amanda and we want to thank you for taking the time to get to know a little more about us as you consider the decision in front of you. For medical reasons, we are unable to have a child of our own, but we hope that through our profile you will find that we are a loving and attentive couple that want nothing less than the best for your child regardless if you choose our home.

We feel that love and support are the foundation for a healthy relationship, and we intend to raise a child with these same values while encouraging them to find their own interests and path. We are ready to share our experience, knowledge and love with a child with the hope that they can make the world a better place, as their life will make our world better.

About Us

Amanda was born in Southern Colorado and grew up in the Denver area with her parents and brother. She graduated with a Business degree from Colorado State University. Chris was born and raised as an only child in Southern California. He graduated from Humboldt State University with a degree in Political Science.

We met online in 2012 and it's been a blast ever since. We quickly realized we both have the same sense of humor and enjoy finding the best in each day. We met online in 2012 and it's been a blast ever since. We quickly realized we both have the same sense of humor and enjoy finding the best in each day.

We both love the adventure of travel. From weekend getaways in California, to international destinations. We have combined our love for travel and our love of sports by visiting major league ball parks around the US. So far we have seen 12 stadiums!

Our Home

We live in Surf City, California less than a mile walk to the beach. There is a nearby bike path that takes you up and down the coast. Every Tuesday night there is a farmer’s market downtown. The city is known for their 4th of July celebration with parade and fireworks.

Our house is a single-story beach bungalow. Most of our time is spent in our kitchen/living room area, which is a nice wide-open space. There is an area to set up as a play space so our child can be a part of the action. We usually have a board game or puzzle going in the living room.

We have a big front yard ready for kids to play. We enjoy yard games, like cornhole, ladder ball and large connect 4, and throwing water balloons with our young cousins. Our backyard features grassy area along with a built in BBQ, firepit, covered patio, hot tub and most importantly outdoor shower (for when we return from the beach)!

Our neighborhood has some of the best schools in the area. Elementary school to high school are top rated. The elementary school is a few short blocks from our house. There are 3 parks that are walking distance in the neighborhood. Kids sports and local rec center are a quick walk from our front door. Our neighbors are super friendly and you can find most people on our block out front on a Saturday catching up with one another.

Our Extended Family

Chris’ mom comes from a family of 10 siblings with her being the second eldest. As Chris grew up, family get-togethers happened every Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Chris enjoyed Easter Egg hunts with a prize (chocolate of some kind) for the first to find their egg and for whoever hid the last egg to be found. During Thanksgiving, it was a rite of passage for the older cousins to set the table. Secret Santa gifts have always brought much joy and laughter at Christmas.

Amanda and her brother grew up as the only grand children on either side of the family. Her father’s side of the family is Italian and her love for cooking comes from them. This past year we joined her parents, bother and cousins to visit extended family in Italy. Her parents and brother still live in Colorado and we go back to see them and the mountains a few times a year. Our child will be the first grandchild on both sides of the family. We have two sets of grandparents and one uncle who can’t wait to expand the family.

Our Family Traditions

As a child and now an adult, Amanda uses her Italian grandmother’s family recipes for many home cooked meals. We have carried on the tradition of making a big pot of meatballs with Sunday sauce for our weekly Italian meal. Every Christmas season we make traditional Italian cookies.

One tradition we can’t wait to pass on is sharing a sawdust pie gift exchange during Christmas with friends and family. The sawdust pie requires each participant buy small gifts, wrap them and then place them into a container full of sawdust. From youngest to oldest we go around and pick the first present you touch. The coveted prize being a deck of cards. The tradition was introduced to Chris and his mom and they loved it so much we’ve brought the tradition into their family celebration.

For Thanksgiving, we spend the week on vacation as a couple, enjoying a new tropical locale, if possible. We started this tradition when we lived in Seattle with a trip to Hawaii (and an engagement) and have looked forward to this time of year ever since.

What Led Us To Adoption

We have always wanted to expand our family. When we realized we could not have our own child naturally, we decided to move forward with adoption. We look forward to the adventure and enjoy the thought of inspiring the next generation.

Facts About Amanda

Wine Sales
Bachelor of Science with an Emphasis in Marketing
Favorite Food:
Homemade Pasta and Meatballs
Favorite Hobby:
Travel + Pilates + Board Games + Concerts + Enjoying a Beach Day
Favorite Movie:
The Notebook
Favorite Sport:
Play Golf + Watch MLB Baseball or NCAA Softball
Favorite Holiday:
Thanksgiving + Christmas
Favorite Music Group:
O.A.R + The Lumineers
Favorite TV Show:
Schitt's Creek
Favorite Book:
Harry Potter Series + Big Little Lies
Favorite Subject in School:
Favorite Vacation Spot:
Hawaii or Costa Rica

Facts About Chris

Insurance Broker
Bachelor of Arts Political Science / Native American Studies
Favorite Food:
Favorite Hobby:
Travel + Board Games
Favorite Movie:
The Big Lebowski
Favorite Sport:
Favorite Holiday:
Favorite Music Group:
Widespread Panic + Phish
Favorite TV Show:
Schitt's Creek
Favorite Book:
A Fools Progress
Favorite Subject in School:
History + Social Studies
Favorite Vacation Spot:
Bora Bora
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I adopted our son as a newborn after going through 12 years of infertility. Now, 23 years later, I am director at Everlasting Adoptions. Shortly after adopting our son, I started to feel a calling towards adoption. My career as a Human Resource Manager in Corporate America came to an end, and I entered what I now know is my purpose and passion in life — building families through the miracle of adoption.

Working with birthmothers and adoptive parents throughout the US for over 20 years has allowed me to utilize the skills I have been blessed with to serve others. I come to work every day not as a staff member coming to a job from 9 to 5, but as a person who is extremely dedicated and devoted to helping people like you every single day. I feel very blessed to have found my purpose, and I look forward to helping you with your adoption needs!

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