Tina & Jay Success Stories

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Dear Carol and Everyone at Everlasting: Thank you to all of you for making this adoption possible. Jay and I are very aware of how blessed we are with our girls Kayla, Ellen, Rose, and Laura. Carol-you especially have been a great source of comfort, humor, and friendship during what has not always been an easy journey. We are especially appreciative of how you reached out to Laura’s birth mom and supported her throughout the whole process- that means more to us than we can say. However, we are also aware that many things go on behind the scenes and you all work very hard for your adoptive families and potential birth mothers. Our daughters mean the world to us and though Laura has only been in our family for a couple of short weeks, we cannot imagine our lives without her. We hope to talk to you again in the not too distant future for one last adoption journey. Thank you and many blessings to all. Love, Tina and Jay