Stacey & Victor Success Stories

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Thanksgiving is fast approaching, which marks 6 wonderful months that we have had our son, Malcolm. We are constantly reminded that we have so much to be grateful for. Our lives will forever be changed.

We first came to Everlasting Adoptions through the internet. We were in a strange place because we had originally started the adoption process through the state. However we soon realized that fostering, though it is beneficial for some couples, was not something we felt that we could do. Of course this realization came after weeks and weeks of adoption training through the state. Discovering Everlasting Adoptions through the web, comes after exploring another agency. We took a chance and reached out to them.

Immediately, Sheila contated us. She was thorough and timely and informative. She told us that Carol would contact us for an hour consult over the phone. Carol called us at the scheduled time frame, and our whole world of understanding opened up. We felt so uplifted, at ease, and informed. We appreciated that she took her time in answering all of our questions. We were so amazed that we couldn’t believe we could feel so comfortable, and the meeting was over the phone. We were sold immediately. At that point, we had no doubts.

Little did we know that we would soon meet another special individual, Ceal. After Sheila and Brittany lead us through the process of creating our profile, we were then introduced to Ceal who made sure that we understood the process of how the birth parents would reach out to us. She was so patient with us. Not only did she inform us when we were chosen, she stayed with us and advised us through the whole process as we connected with the Birth Mom.

The exciting news of us being chosen comes on the tail end of recently discovering that we were pregnant and then miscarrying shortly thereafter. Hearing Ceal’s calming voice over the phone gave us such peace and kept us calm. We talked with the birth Mom from January to May, when she was due. Ceal was extremely instrumental in helping us to form a strong bond with our birth mom. Turns out that we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy around the date that we were originally scheduled to give birth!

We praise God for all the wonderful staff at Everlasting Adoptions, and a special love and acknowledgement goes out to our birth mom for making the hard decision and choosing us to recieve such a beautiful, healthy, son. We will be forever connected with her and family, and those at Everlasting Adoptions who walked with us through this process. We give so much praise to God for blessing us with such special people that gave us a healthy bundle that has added so much joy to our family.

Thanks again,

Stacey and Vic

Stacey & Victor