Joe & Gretchen Success Stories

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We decided to contact Everlasting Adoptions after doing a lot of research on the internet and checking around. We had a lengthy conversation with Carol that included an excellent summary of their process and philosophy as well as a detailed Q & A session. We felt very confident that we were making the right choice after talking with her.

All throughout our experience with Everlasting, our calls & emails were returned promptly; all our questions were answered, and we felt we were treated with empathy and given emotional support from the caring staff. We would enthusiastically recommend them to anyone considering adoption!

Once we contracted with Everlasting, we worked on getting home study approved as soon as possible and creating our profile for the website. We went “live” on their website after only about a month. We also began preparing a nursery in our home and gathering the essentials for dealing with a newborn. We felt it helped us emotionally to control what we could on our end and took an “if you build it, she will come” philosophy. Gretchen also really enjoyed bargain hunting for all the cute baby girl outfits!

Our hard work and preparedness (Thank you, Gretchen. I love you, and yes, you were vindicated!) really paid off, as our wild ride was about to begin. After just over two months “live” with Everlasting, we were spending a leisurely Sunday morning at home when Carol contacted us about a birth mother having a baby girl, due in less than two weeks! We were extremely excited and looking forward to calling the birth mother the next day. We were then disappointed when we couldn’t reach her at the scheduled time on that Monday. However, later that afternoon, we got a call from Carol telling us that the mother was going to give birth that same day! She had chosen us as the adoptive couple, and it was time to drop everything, pack up, and make the 7 1/2 hour journey to a town in a neighboring state! At 4:30 am Tuesday, after driving through heavy rain most of the night, we got to lay eyes on the most beautiful baby in the world—our dream girl, Giovanna Belle!

Thanks again to Carol and the Everlasting staff for their help and support every step of the way!

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