Cissy & Anthony Success Stories

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I want everyone to see how happy we all are in this photo! We not only were blessed with our son Jake, we were blessed in meeting and loving another very important person in our life, his birthmother. At the start of this whole adoption process, we had many fears, doubts and unanswered questions about how we should feel, act, or communicate with someone that will potentially give us the most important gift of our life. Carol told us early on that there is a special birthmother out there for us and that when we would find her, we would know. She encouraged us to keep an open mind and not be afraid or disappointed if conversations with different birthmothers did not follow through. She was right!

I would like to encourage all of you waiting or thinking of adopting to please hang in there! There really is a special person out there that is meant specifically for you. Carol and her staff will help find them for you and give you their full attention when you need it. No other agency will ever give you this much personal attention. Whether you prefer to keep it private, or have an open adoption like us, there is a perfect match out there for you. Your time will come and all the waiting you have done will be so worth it.

Thank you Carol (and staff) for bringing us together with the perfect match! As I write this, our son is asleep strapped on my chest. I keep looking at him and am so thankful that he will not only be loved by our families, but will grow up knowing that he is also loved by his extended birth family.

I wish everybody the best of luck!