Anne and Tory Success Stories

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Hi Carol & Team!

We wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and again say a sincere thank you for helping us grow our family through adoption. We are so blessed to be able to celebrate the holidays this year with our two beautiful daughters. Thank you all for helping make our dream come true!

We decided to adopt for a few different reasons. Anne and her brother were adopted, as was Tory’s sister, so adoption has always been a wonderful part of our lives. We always knew we wanted to adopt, and when we realized we couldn’t conceive naturally, we were even more motivated to move forward with adoption.

We evaluated several different agencies before selecting Everlasting Adoptions. Having been through an adoption journey once before, we knew we wanted to work with people who understood how difficult that process can be for adoptive parents. We did not want to be just another name on a list. We found the environment we were looking for with Carol and the team at Everlasting.

Our experience with Everlasting was very, very positive. The birth mother did not contact Everlasting until she was already nine months pregnant and about ready to deliver. Carol was extremely supportive to the birth mother, the birth mother’s support system, and of course to us. Carol and the team were on the phone nearly 24/7 working to connect all of us in a very short period of time. The flurry of activity that took place over the first 72 hours since we got the call was astounding. Within less than one week of receiving the first call from Carol, we were at the hospital holding our newborn daughter. What a miracle!! Carol continued to follow-up with us throughout the process. It was wonderful to know that the Everlasting team had us in their thoughts and prayers.

We know how hard the waiting can be, so our advice to other prospective adoptive parents is to try just live your lives to the fullest and not get too anxious about how long the process can take. We were very fortunate to have only been waiting seven short months since contacting Everlasting Adoptions. However, we waited much longer our first time with a different agency and know how difficult it can be.

Again, thank you Carol and team for your guidance and support. You not only helped welcome our beautiful daughter Kyla Lynne into our family, but also connected us with an amazing birth mother who means so much to us. Our adoption journey through Everlasting was a very positive experience. Thank you!

Happy Holidays!

Tory & Anne

Anne and Tory