LGBTQ+ Adoptions

Today’s adoptive families increasingly look like America. LGBTQ+ folx are parenting their biological and adoptive children alongside the cis het singles and couples in their communities at unprecedented rates. Although marginalization makes it difficult to get an exact count, it’s estimated that between 6 and 13 million children have an LGBTQ+ parent.

Adoption is a wonderful path for LGBTQ+ folx to fulfill their destiny as parents or to grow their existing families. And Everlasting Adoptions is ready to help you on your parenthood journey.


The Legal Landscape

In most states, sexual orientation and gender identity are no longer barriers for singles and couples eager to provide loving homes for children. In all 50 states, LGBTQ+ parents can petition for joint adoption, and seven states (CA, NV, NY, MA, RI, NJ, MD) prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation. California, Rhode Island, and New Jersey also outlaw discrimination in adoption based on gender identity.

That doesn’t mean that the landscape isn’t without ugliness. Ten states (ND, SD, KS, OK, TX, MI, MS, AL, SC, VA) allow child welfare agencies to refuse services to children and families if there’s a conflict with their religious beliefs. However, Everlasting Adoptions is committed to helping you find the resources to navigate state restrictions and will work tirelessly on your behalf to assist you in creating the family you deserve.


The Adoption Process

The adoption process for LGBTQ+ folx is identical to the process for cis het parents. Everlasting Adoptions takes a hands-on approach that creates the connection that birthmothers crave and the security of an agency adoption that our families require.

With our help, birth mothers develop a deep understanding of the love and lives that LGBTQ+ folx offer. We know that LGBTQ+ parents often live with the complexities of multiple marginalizations, and that this lived experience can create unique opportunities for welcoming children into your lives.

We start by designing your personal profile and then provide your resume to the birthmother. Once you have been selected, we facilitate an in-person meeting between you and the birthmother. We then guide you to a Quad A Adoption Attorney or a licensed agency, whichever the laws in the birth mother’s state, require. There are only a few states that will require you to hire a licensed agency in lieu of an attorney. They will then take over the legal process from that point all the way to the completion of parental relinquishments. In our experience, LGBTQ+ folx make connections with birthmothers at the same rate as cis het singles and couples, and often times, faster.


Take the Next Step in Creating Your Family

If you’re considering adoption and are part of the LGBTQ+ community, Everlasting Adoptions is ready to help. Let us assist you in creating the family you desire. Take the first step by completing our free, no-obligation application or call us at 630-364-8361.