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A Quick Thank You from Kim & Chris

Kim and Chris welcomed baby Camden on December 18, 2018 and their lives were forever changed. They recently contacted us to let us know the adoption was finalized. Congratulations and best wishes, Kim, Chris and Camden!

A Quick Thank You from Kim & Chris
Happy Finalization Day!

Hi Carol and Everlasting Adoptions!

We just wanted to share with you that our adoption was finalized a few weeks ago! We couldn’t be happier. Thank you for your part in making this dream come true!

Kim, Chris and Camden

Wow! It’s Been 10 Years

Ten years have flown by in the blink of an eye for Jami & Ryan and their two girls. We can’t believe Everlasting Adoptions worked to help complete their family over 10 years ago! It warms our hearts to receive this family update from Jami. What a beautiful way to start this Holiday season.

Wow! It's Been 10 Years

Dear Carol,

I just wanted to reach out to you to wish you a happy holiday season. I’m sure you hear from your new fresh families often, but wanted you to hear from an oldie like me. I still think of you often and appreciate everything you did to help make our little family possible. Can you believe it’s been over 10 years ago?! Look at those sweet little babies! Still sweet, but definitely not babies. When we were expecting people warned us how quickly the time goes when you have kids. But it’s still shocking. In the blink of an eye, I will be sending you graduation photos and wedding photos. I hope you and your boys are all doing well; they must be so grown up by now! Grandkids on the horizon? My goodness what an adventure parenting has turned out to be!

Cheers and happy holidays!

Happy Birthday Bliss!


We love getting updates from Everlasting families and were so thrilled to hear from Quinn and Scott. Beautiful Bliss turned 2 and we just know she had a blast celebrating. We love watching you grow and we hope you have a wonderful year a head!

Hello All,

We’ve been meaning to send an update, but it has been such a hectic summer! Definitely looking forward to cooler temperatures here in Ohio and the lull until the holidays. 🙂

Anyway, our Bliss celebrated her second birthday mid-July! She’s been spending loads of time hanging out with her twin besties at the park (#sandboxlife), continues to be crazy for any/all animals and starts soccer this month. She’s a bright, busy girl who keeps us on our toes. Currently, her other top interests are trains and dinosaurs, and Star Wars (especially Chewbacca) is still a favorite.

We’ve attached a couple photos; as you can see, she’s just the cutest kid and we love her with all of our hearts. Thank you so much for helping us make Bliss part of our family. She is our world. ️

Warmest regards,

Quinn & Scott

Sawyer is 3!!

Avril  Matt

We can’t believe that it has almost been three years since Matt and Avril adopted Sawyer. Everlasting Adoptions helped them complete their family and give their daughter, Chloe a sibling back in 2015. We were so happy to hear from them to see how Sawyer had grown. We hope that every year to come is filled with the love and joy the past three have brought.

“Hi Carol, it’s Avril and Matt. Just wanted to send you some pics. Sawyer will be 3 in September. He loves his sister, Chloe!!  So hard to believe. We will alway be grateful to you and your company!!”

It’s Finalization Day!

Markel Finalization 2

Congratulations to Christy and Adam on finalizing their adoption! With Everlasting Adoption’s help and through the strength of their birth mom, they were blessed with their baby boy, Andrew on August 8, 2017. Big brother, John was thrilled to have a little brother! They may have officially become a family after finalization, but love for their son poured from their hearts the moment they met.

Victor is 3 Months!

Victor is 3 months v2

Thank you, Nichelle for sending us this adorable family update. Victor is 3 months old and full of smiles. She couldn’t thank us enough for helping them become a family and we couldn’t thank her enough for choosing us to help her!

Happy 1st Birthday Xavier

Happy 1st Birthday Xavier

Barbara recently reached out to Everlasting Adoptions to give us an update on her handsome little boy, Xavier.

“One year ago, I flew to Texas in hope that I would be able to bring home a little baby boy. The anxiety, excitement and stress were overwhelming. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such opposing emotions at the same time.That was a year ago, but now I look at my son and I would do it all over again. I love this little boy so much.  Everyday I look at his precious little face and thank God for bringing us together.  Xave is the sweetest little boy who loves to play with cars, go swimming, read books, play with his cousins and look at the map on his wall.  The thing he likes the most is food! He loves all kinds of food and is only unhappy when others are eating and he is not.He can say “down”, “go” and “papa.”  He can also sign the word “more” when he wants more food to eat.  I’m so grateful to his birth mother for the incredible sacrifice she has made. I cannot imagine my life without this little man.”

Happy birthday, Xavier! We can’t wait to hear about all the smiles and laughs you bring your mama in the years to come.

4 Years of Blessings: A Note from Keisha

4 Years of Blessings: A Note from Keisha

Hello Carol,

I don’t know why, but I find myself up late tonight; burning the midnight oil while thinking of Everlasting Adoptions and the blessing you’ve been to our family. Our baby girl is 4 now and continues to amaze me every day. The constant kisses and “I love you mama’s” made it all worth while.
I look at the website about once a year, reflect on our experience and pray for all the families and birth mothers, because I know it can be a stressful experience and wait. But I sometimes wonder who has taken the time to thank you once again for the gift you have given after it’s all said and done?
I will! Thank you again, and again, and again… My children have been arguing and getting on my last nerve all evening, and I still can not forget how blessed I am. You and your team are a gift from God and we thank you for your assistance in manifesting our blessing, even now.
(P.S. As I was about to press send on this message, she just walked into our bedroom to crawl into our bed as she does every night… smh! What a blessing!)
Kind Regards,

Family Update: Atalie is 2!

Family Update: Atalie is 2!

Will and Gennifer adopted Atalie with the help of Everlasting Adoptions in 2015. Atalie is now 2 and we are so happy to hear from them!

“We’re doing great, Atalie is soooo smart, loving, social, and fun-loving! Everyone who meets her falls in love quickly! She just started PK-2 and is doing so well in school. She is such a sweet miracle, thanks again for everything! It’s so hard to describe this girl in one picture lol.”